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2018 Summer Fitness Classic

Sunday 8 July 2018

Spotlight Theatre , EN11 8BE UK

The FMC Classes for you to ROCK!

Male Fitness Classes

Junior Model - (18-22 years) 2 rounds Swimwear and Sports wear

Fitness Model - 2 Rounds swimwear and sportswear

Muscle Model - 2 Rounds Swimwear and Evening wear

Underwear Model- 1 round in plane BLACK Boxer shorts

Inked Muscle Model - 1 rounds swim wear

Male Over 35 Model - 1 round swimwear shorts

Male Bodybuilding  Classes  - with UKBEEF MAGAZINE

Men’s Physique -1 Round Board Shorts

Muscular Men’s Physique- 1 round board shorts shorts

Classic Physique - 1 Round swimwear shorts

Open Bodybuilding- 1 round posing trunks

Swimwear is square cut shorts

Female Classes -

Bikini Model - 2 Rounds Bikini and Evening wear (dress above the knee)

Fitness Model - 2 Rounds Bikini and Theme/Feather round

Wellness  Model - 1 round Bikini

Diva Model - (Over 35) - 2 Rounds Bikini and Evening wear (dress above the knee)

Elegant Ladies (Over 45) 1 Rounds Bikini

Figure Girls - 2 Rounds Bikini and Feather/Themewear  

Female Ink Model- 1 round Bikini

Commercial Model  2 rounds  Bikini and Cocktail dress/ Ball gown